Do you want to make your property greater sustainable and on the equal time shop on your power bill? Then wall insulation is probably exciting for you! How does facade insulation paintings and how much are you able to save?

Facade insulation
Insulating the outer wall or facade is called facade insulation. With facade insulation, the insulation material is positioned on the outdoor of the house (the outer wall). By applying facade insulation to your home, you shop in your strength invoice and your own home will become extra sustainable.

Insulate exterior wall
With external wall insulation, the insulation cloth is hooked up to the outside of the partitions. Your domestic will therefore be slightly thicker. After the outer wall has been insulated, it’s miles finished with, as an example, stone strips, stucco, wood or facade panels. This manner your house will look like new once more and it is going to be nicely insulated!

Insulate facade material
Do you need to insulate the facade? Then you may pick from extraordinary kinds of insulation fabric, along with: the polystyrene plate, rock wool or cellular glass plates. The maximum typically used insulation fabric for the facade is polystyrene sheet. This plate has a light weight and might without problems be reduce to size. You can also insulate the facade with rock wool or cell glass plates. The advantage of rock wool is that it has a excessive compressive power and glass plates are 100% vapour-tight.

Wall insulation or cavity insulation?
Cavity insulation and facade insulation both offer blessings. By insulating the cavity or outer wall, you want to burn much less. This ensures a lower strength invoice. In addition, correct insulation of the outer wall or hollow space additionally increases the fee of your own home.

Cavity insulation is inexpensive than wall insulation. According to MilieuCentraal, you pay a mean of € 2,400 for cavity insulation and a median of € 19,000 for outside wall insulation. Cavity insulation saves you a median of € 650 in step with year. For facade insulation, this quantity is on common €850.

Can I insulate the hollow space?
Cavity insulation is only feasible if you have a cavity in your home. This is the distance between the inner and outer wall. In addition, the cavity should additionally be appropriate for insulation. This means that the hollow space have to have a minimum width of four cm and that there need to not be an excessive amount of cement residue gift.

Why insulate the outer wall?
Insulating the outer wall is exciting while the outer wall desires most important upkeep. Think of aged jointing or porous stones. This manner you could without delay combine necessary maintenance with making your property more sustainable. You also can store greater to your electricity bill with wall insulation than with hollow space insulation. You can region thirteen cm of insulation material on the outer wall. With hollow space insulation you could most effective installation 4 to 7 cm of insulation cloth.

Combining cavity and wall insulation
Do you need the satisfactory of both worlds? Then you may also integrate hollow space insulation with wall insulation. The gain is that your own home can be slightly less thick at the outside, due to the fact you have insulation inside the cavity in addition to on the outdoor wall.